Elementary School Workbook Set


Great for teachers and faculty trying to communicate better with students and parents! Get a 5 minute phone class with your first purchase!



Includes Elementary School QRG and workbook. Workbook is 27 pages and contains the following sections: Instructions, Alphabet, Numbers, Cognates in Education, School, Rooms, Classes, Library, Things in the Class, Student Materials, People in the School, Where?, When?, What Time is it?, Days and Months, How many? How much?, How?, Common Phrases, Teacher Communication, Progress report, Don’t!, Parts of the body, Colors, Compliments and For the Children. Also includes commonly used absentee policy explanations in Spanish and English, Typical school calendar, School Nurse and Immunizations (includes when to keep your child at home!), Brief explanation of school forms and much more. QRG developed for Spanish and English speakers. Great tool for teachers and staff. Communicate with Spanish speaking students and parents immediately. Allows you to address classroom needs, materials, directions, emergency drill exercises and informational phrases. Use the guide to ask your new Spanish speaking students anything from their phone number to “walk, don’t run” in the hallways. Includes section specifically for the school nurse! This set was designed for elementary schools but can be used at all educational levels where communication between Spanish and English speakers is an issue.