Landscape Map/Audio Set


Start speaking to your crew immediately! Keep the map in your pocket and the audio on play. Put one in each of your trucks and help your crew communicate in English and Spanish.



Landscape Map/Audio Set includes – the Landscape Map and the 2-disc Landscape Audio CD. The Landscape Map folds up to fit in your pocket. Fully laminated to protect it from outdoor elements. In Spanish and English with our unique easy-to-use phonetic pronunciation guide. Map sections include: the job, numbers, measurements, directions, phrases, planting, safety, the truck, tools, materials, power tools, cleaning and more. 2 Disc CD for landscapers is for learning Spanish and/or English. Disc 1: Introduction, Responsibilities, Team Work, Maintenance, Tools, First Job, Clients Disc 2: Supervisors & Vendors, Common Phrases, Directions, Cognates, Spanglish, Materials, Planting & Feeding, Safety, Conclusion.