Translation Services

For each translation project Spanglish Unlimited uses a translation team of at least 3 experienced, professional translators who work together to translate as well as proofread your project. We develop a glossary for each client that ensures consistency for all your translation projects.

We offer services in many languages from Thai and Korean to Cantonese and Portuguese. Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Mandarin, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Moldovan. We are continually expanding our language base. If the language you need service for is not included in the above list please contact the Spanglish Unlimited, Inc. office for more information.

We work in most file formats including but not limited to Word, InDesign, PDF, Photoshop, Quark, Excel, Powerpoint and Illustrator. Spanglish Unlimited Inc. strives to provide estimates within one business day. For PDF files we prefer to have the native file format.

Why it is not OK for you to use translation software!
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