Seminars & Language Training

We offer language training at your company’s facility and at the Spanglish Unlimited office. For people who don’t have time to make it to class, we teach the same programs via phone tutorials, email, online meeting platforms and even Skype. When you purchase any of our products be sure to schedule your free 5 minute phone class.

Language courses are designed to help improve communication between Spanish and English speakers by learning to communicate with commonly used vocabulary. Our instructors target the vocabulary you need to know. Most courses include a Spanglish Unlimited quick reference guide, audio and workbook program.

Phone tutorials

Choose the most convenient way to schedule your class! Our classes are available on demand to meet the needs of your schedule. You are one-on-one with your instructor via the phone, email, webconference, skype depending on what works best for you. This is not only a great way to learn or improve your Spanish or English but it is by far the most economical private conversational language training available. Our instructors are ready to help you! Call today to get on the calendar!


We have presented Spanglish communication courses, workplace specific language training and cultural competency programs all across the United States. Call today to get on the calendar!

Cultural Diversity

Be amazed and arm yourself with knowledge by participating in a Spanglish Unlimited Cultural Competency Seminar. This is a great step toward real understanding between co-workers and the Spanish-speaking market. Learning about cultural differences, similarities and challenges clearly demonstrates the advantages of recognizing our differences and working together.

Custom Workplace Solutions

Spanglish Unlimited custom designs language training to incorporate the vocabulary used in your daily workplace as well as the specific cultural barriers your industry may face. Our seminars can empower your staff with the knowledge to assist each other and to work more efficiently and effectively.

Product Training (train the trainer)

Product training is performed in conjunction with your custom designed quick reference guide. Spanglish Unlimited offers training on how to best utilize your new communication tool. Instructors offer insightful tips and Spanglish strategies, while creating a fun and enthusiastic learning environment where you practice and gain confidence in your new skill.

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